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The Infamous Middle Finger
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     all text posts in october must be
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Social Experiment 2.0

easily my favorite picture in the world

Homegirl on a mission


if you dont eat the pizza crust you are weak and natural selection is coming for you




Fuck. It’s ironic how empty I am because 
I swear 6 months ago I had the universe inside
of me but I cried the rivers in my bones dry.
The volcanoes in my chest erupted when you told
me you didn’t love me anymore and lava flooded
my body and hardened till I stopped sleeping.
I had stars in my lungs but I burned them
all out with the cigarettes I was smoking
to get you the fuck out of my throat. The
flowers growing at the bottoms of my 
stomach are dead. Apparently you  
can’t water flowers with vodka.
I had the sky in my veins but it’s
been pretty fucking stormy since I
ripped them open. I had planets 
on the tip of my tongue but
the debris from the shattered 
remains of “us” have been
crashing into them. I was
everything. And then I met
you and we were everything.
Now you’re fucking some
blonde girl who gets
high all the time and
I’m a fucking

this is my favorite fucking poem ever ever ever

i love when stuff like this gets a lot of notes bc i literally grabbed the first piece of paper i could find and scribbled it down in like 4 minutes and it was just kinda everything going through my head at the time and i think its rly cool that so many people liked it or could relate to it woah 

“Would losing me even be a loss?”

(All I wonder)